Our home at Compton House
We love it here in Eye, Suffolk!

The building’s facelift was a challenge but Bridget and the team are delighted with the result. Bridget said “Because of the regulations there was a lot to do to meet the standards. It’s an old house so it was a challenge but we got through it.” The move is an important milestone in dream on’s life and Bridget is hopeful it will give it a long-term, sustainable future.

Previously, dream on was based in a converted building attached to Bridget’s home in Thorndon but, after 5 years of building the social enterprise successfully, it had outgrown its cramped space and needed a new home. Bridget loves the new building, and is “really excited” about the future. Her aim was to retain the homely and warm feel that dream on had when it was based in Thorndon and believes we have achieved this, whilst still paying respect to the building we are now in.


The result is that Compton House can now accommodate four coaching sessions at any one time, rather than the two it could before. Makeover days, which now runs three days a month, have their own home overlooking a back garden courtyard.

dream on is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm. Please do pop in to see us any time – you’ll always receive a warm welcome!